Research Topics

Research topics of EGOKITUZ are the following

Assistive robotics

Assistive articulated arms.

Intelligent wheelchairs.

Low-cost mobile robots for accompanying and monitoring autonomous elderly.

Image about emoticons

Affective computing

 Emotions recognition and synthesis.

 Application on affective mediation. 


Image about Web navigation

Web accessibility

Design of tools for automatically evaluate and correct Web accessibility problems.

Study of guidelines in the cognitive Web access to enhance the accessibility of people with several types of restrictions.


Funtioning scheme of the EGOKI system developed in Egokituz

User modelling and adaptive interfaces

Development of tools and techniques to enhance the user experience during the Web navigation.

Automatic interface personalization.


Assessment of unmet need for assistive technology in people with disabilities

Better understand the current situation that people with disabilities face in terms of their unmet need for assistive technologies and how this affects their participation and quality of life.

Promote transnational research that generates evidence-based strategies, aimed at improving the access of people with disabilities to the assistive technologies they need to be able to fully participate in their homes and communities.