Hitzaldia UCAmI 2019 nazioarteko kongresuan


2018 Abendua 05 · 11:00-12:30 · Punta Cana, Dominicar Errepublika

UCAmI 2019aren logoa


Since the first Ambient Intelligence proposals this new field showed its capacity to contribute with extremely promising new opportunities for people with disabilities. But, even if the Ambient Intelligence approach is very helpful for them, early studies showed structural and cognitive accessibility barriers that may exclude people with disabilities. Starting from our experience in R&D projects in the Ambient Intelligence field (such as HetroRed, AmbienNet, AmIGune, DomoSilla, or Inredis), in this talk I will present its possible contributions for people with disabilities, and I will also discuss a number of accessibility issues they can find when using Ambient Intelligence based applications.

Informazio gehiago kongresuaren webgunean: https://mamilab.esi.uclm.es/ucami2018/keynotes.html