Play for Children with Disabilities


2018 Maiatza 21 · 15.30-16:30 · Informatikako Ada Lovelace aretoa. UPV/EHU


Egokituz Laboratory of HCI for Special Needs


Play is the most prevalent activity in childhood and has a central role in child development, fostering learning of cognitive, language and social skills. Children with disabilitiesmay be deprived from playing as a direct consequence of their impairments or because they do not have access to analogous forms of play in which they can take part. Building on the workdeveloped in the COST Action TD1309 ( []), this talk will provide an overview of the topic "Play for Children with Disabilities", addressingquestions such as "What is play?", "Do children with disabilities play?", "What barriers to play do children with disabilities face?", "How can an adult facilitate play?", "What toconsider when selecting toys, physical or digital games, or playspaces for children with disabilities". It will then focus on robotic applications that may enable children withdisabilities' play.